Linux Mint is the best Operating System available today

This distribution of Linux is the best setup available today for the desktop.

Since Mint is based on Ubuntu or Debian depending on your choice, the installation and setup is simple and easy. You can even install it while running in live mode or from inside Windows using Ubuntu’s wubi installer.

Where Ubuntu and Fedora have recently shunned almost everyone with their new half-developed unity desktop, this distro shines through. I really enjoy the LXDE environment over Gnome, but the choice is yours to pick and choose what you like to use.

Choice is one of many reasons why I really like this distribution over the other popular flavours right now.

I share the same dissatisfaction for Unity and Gnome 3 with most of the community. While this is the main reason for jumping ship and crashing the party, there are some really simple things I like, like Dropbox.

You dont have to go and download it to start using it, its right there in the start menu. But not installed yet so its not taking up space. This is one of the many reasons why maintaining compatibility with Ubuntu is a good thing. Click on it to start it, and tells you it needs to download. One more click and you’re off.

Once its done, just log in with your account or make a new one, and thats it. I wish all services worked that well.

I think Microsoft is heading in the right direction with swipe gestures for unlocking the desktop, but I hope they take a hint from the recent Gnome debacle and make it configurable. I want the option to jump right into desktop mode without having to bother with metro at all if that’s what I like. For desktop users, forcing you to use metro will be a deal breaker. Remember how bad ME and Vista were?

The sad part is Microsoft doesn’t have a history of giving you much choice in anything and their track record for anything mobile is horrible.

But enough about Windows, especially since is not even available yet. Mint is the choice for desktops today. From the simple, straightforward installer to the fact that everything just works the way it should, it picks up where Ubuntu fails.